Best White Nurse Shoes

Nurses spend 8 to 12 hours at work, oftentimes on their feet while doing their rounds and attending to their patients. Such work demands predispose them to a wide range of health issues including deep thrombosis, varicose veins, and chronic pain in the feet, legs, and back. The importance of wearing the right nursing shoes cannot then be overemphasized!

We want to emphasize, too, that the color of the shoes doesn’t matter for as long as these provide optimum support and comfort for their wearers. But since nurses traditionally wear white uniforms, white shoes are still the more popular choice even when nurses nowadays wear scrubs in different colors.

Grey’s Anatomy by Softwalk Meredith Nursing Clogs (My Personal Favorite)

The padded support in the arch and heel makes the Grey’s Anatomy nursing clogs as the best in our books. You can walk well in them for several hours without feeling as tired as you did before using them. You will also love the soft yet supportive feel around your feet of the tumbled leather, a comfortable feeling enhanced by the athletic EVA and rubber sole.

Every step also feels more comfortable because the sole absorbs the impact while the dual-density footbed acts as a cushion for the feet. You can walk on most types of floor, thanks to the slip-resistant rubber pad. You can also think less about possible bacterial growth when wearing them for several hours due to the antimicrobial microfiber linings.

Timberland Professional Women’s Renova Slip-On

The effectiveness of Timberland’s Renova slip-on shoes lies in the combination of several features, each one complementing the others. The footbed is made of molded PU, which cradles the foot from the heel to the arch so there are optimum support and shock absorption in these areas. Keep in mind that without proper support in these areas, the risk of plantar fasciitis increase – and we have seen many nurses with the condition.

Even the toe box was designed with feet fatigue reduction in mind – it has an oblique design that allows for better spreading of the forefoot. The heel-to-toe rocker sole also decreases the impact on the feet in case of a heel strike while also reducing pressure on the forefoot.

Style is just as important as comfort and support in nursing shoes and the Renova slip-on also meets the brief. You will like the premium full-grain leather combined with the micro-suede upper linings.

Dansko Box Leather Clog

The pristine white leather combined with the 2-inch heel of the Dansko Box leather clog makes it one of the more stylish nursing shoes. But it isn’t just about the style because these are designed for all-day comfort and support! The reinforced toe box is the right balance between protection against possible injuries and spacious room for your toes.

The TPU heel counter also provides both protection and stability to the heel. Basically, you can move your heels up and down well without feeling like the shoes will fall off or you’re dragging your feet. The PU outsole aids in better shock absorption so you can walk on most types of surfaces with more stability.

Natural Uniforms Slip Clogs

These slip-on strapless clogs are designed for all-day comfort and support for nurses in a stressful workplace, especially for those who are on their feet for most hours of the workday. The clogs may look less than supportive because there are no straps but don’t be fooled by it – the higher back will keep your heels in place.

The sole also has a shock dispersion design combined with a molded footbed and high arch. These features are essential in efficient shock absorption and energy return so there’s less fatigue in your legs and feet when wearing the clogs.

The lining is made of a material resistant to fungus and bacteria although proper use and cleaning (i.e., with socks) are a must. The inner sole can also be removed for cleaning.

Asics Women’s Gel-Game Point Tennis Shoe

Many nurses also use tennis shoes, or sneakers, when at work but these should provide support and comfort, just as with specially-designed nursing shoes. The Asics Women’s Gel-Game Point sneakers are a great choice mainly because of its proprietary rear for gel cushioning system – the EVA midsole, a lightweight yet sturdy material, provides optimum cushioning for the feet and, thus, make them comfortable and supportive.

The 1.5-inch heel height also makes the shoes suitable for walking and staying on your feet for hours on end. Since these are tennis shoes, you can actually run in them, a frequent occurrence in emergency situations.

New Balance Women’s WX623v2 Cross Training Shoe

Yet another pair of sneakers suitable for nurses is the New Balance WX623v2. The leather upper and rubber sole is the right combination of form and function – the leather is beautiful and durable while the rubber sole is strong and sturdy for long-term use.

As cross-training shoes, these have also been designed for athletic performance and we daresay that nurses are like athletes, too, especially in terms of their stamina and strength at work. The comfort and support aspects come from the IMEVA midsole, the internal stability shank, and the heel and forefoot cushion.

Crocs Mercy Work Clog

The Crocs brand is among the most famous when it comes to comfort and such reputation extends to its work shoes. The Mercy Work Clogs are designed for professional use so there are none of the holes present in their casual versions. Just like the holed original version, however, these work clogs are roomy enough for wiggling your toes.

There are also tiny nubs on the clogs’ footbeds’ that provide massage-like sensations whenever you’re walking. Think of it as getting a foot massage with every step so your feet don’t feel fatigued too much too soon.

Choose the best nursing shoes for your own needs now!