Best Nurses Watch

In most hospitals and clinics, nurses are only allowed to wear watches because of their practical purpose.

Nurses, after all, use their watches in determining the time (obvious right?) as well as in counting pulse and respiration manually.

Plus, watches are a great way to express your personality in a way that your standard hospital-issued scrubs cannot!

#1 Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch in Charcoal/Smoke Gray

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch may be widely considered as a fitness watch but it has several features that make it suitable for nursing-related work. First, it maintains precise time without requiring winding and similar actions, as is the case for analog watches. You can then use it for monitoring medication administration, and counting vital signs.

Second, it has features that allow tracking of the number of steps, the distance covered, and calories burned, all of which can be logged in as part of your exercise routine at work.

You can even use it to monitor your number of active and rest minutes, your weight and food consumption, and progress in your fitness goals. You may even connect with your friends via the Fitbit app because, after all, staying connected is a great stress reliever.

#2 Apple 1.49-Inch Sports Smartwatch in Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Band

The Apple Sports smartwatch is a strong favorite among nurses because of its wide range of practical features, as well as for its beautiful design from the digital face to the rose gold case. As a nurse, you will find Siri, Apple’s now-famous digital assistant, to be helpful in your line of work, too.

You can use the smartwatch just as you would your own iPhone smartphone in launching apps, searching the web, and recording notes.

You will then be able to use the health-related apps for your patients’ benefit, get answers to your work-related questions on the web, and keep tabs on your patients even when you forgot your pen and paper. You will agree that it’s like getting an assistant of your own, all for a reasonable price and on your wrist.

#3 Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S3 is arguably the closest competition for the Apple smartwatch although I have to say that nurses will make a great choice whatever they prefer between these two products. You will enjoy that Samsung designed its smartwatch with form and function in mind, from the large dial to the digital features.

The features include activity tracking, a heart rate monitor, and a stopwatch, which are all useful in your nursing life. You can rely on the precise timekeeping mechanism Samsung has installed in it, too, especially for counting vital signs.

The long-lasting battery combined with the large face makes it suitable for long shifts, too.

#4 Speidel Scrub Watch

Nurses who know their watches love the Speidel Scrub Watch because it’s specifically designed for medical professionals. The colors of the band are even in line with the typical colors of scrubs, the practical uniforms worn by nurses in clinical settings.

The dial has large numbers so you can easily see them as well as a bright red-colored second hand for times when you need to manually count vital signs.

But the Speidel watch is an analog watch so there are no digital features found in the smartwatches on our list. But what it lacks in fancy features it more than makes up for in practical ones, such as the 5-second mark on the seconds, the easy-to-clean soft silicone strap, and the 30-meter water resistant design.

#5 Women’s Mesh Strap Watch – A New Day

The beauty of the A New Day women’s watch lies in its versatility. You can use it for work purposes and for your personal activities, even on special occasions, albeit not as a fitness watch. The white face complements the metallic numbers and hands while the mesh band adds to the elegant look.

The analog display is as simple as it is sophisticated. What we like most about it, however, is its precise timekeeping, a must for nurses who work on a schedule.